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"Commerce, Gentlemen, is more international than culture and it behaves you to behave in such a way that the power and prestige of Pakistan gain added strength from every act of yours.

I have no doubt the Commerce of Pakistan would be an effective instrument in the establishment and maintenance of high standards of business integrity and practice" read more

I have no doubt the Commerce of Pakistan would be an effective instrument in the establishment and maintenance of high standards of business integrity and practice" read more

I have no doubt the Commerce of Pakistan would be an effective instrument in the establishment and maintenance of high standards of business integrity and practice" read more

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NKATI stands for North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry, which is a registered trade body representing the commercial industrial and service units located in North Karachi Industrial Area (NKIA).

NKIA is the largest Industrial Area in terms of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It came into existence in 1974. Initially there were plots of poultry farms which were converted into industrial plots that is why the net work of the roads of NKIA basically comprises of small streets as well as connected roads. It is scattered and spread over an area of 725 acres.

The maintenance of this Area was the responsibility of KDA but it was neglected.

Consequently, the Area suffered from lack of infrastructure facilities and the process of dilapidation started. For these ostensible reasons, a few individuals initially formed an Association which was not registered and as such it could not provide satisfactory services.

Ultimately, the owners of the factories already established in the Area felt the need of having a representative body that could look after the problems of the industrialists of the Area.

In order to achieve this objective, some of the conscientious industrialists of the Area came to rescue.

After considerable struggle, an Association by the name of North Karachi Trade & Industry (NKT&IA) came into being in 1991. Capt. A Moiz Khan was its Founder and Convener.

Other founder members were: Mr. Sadiq Muhammad, Mr. S.Azim Ali, Mr. Noor Ahmed Khan and Mr. S. Iqtida Ali.

The Association was registered with the Government of Sindh and it continued to arch ahead till 1994 when fresh elections were held and it was then registered with joint Registrar of Companies Under section 32 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 (XI VII of 1984).

The following industrialists formed the first Managing Committee:

1 Capt A. Moiz Khan  (Chairman)
2 Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Malik (Vice-Chairman)
3 Mr. Noor Ahmed Khan (Vice Chairman)
4 Mr. Aslam Chughtai (Member)
5 Shaikh Jaffar Bhai (Member)
6 Mr. S. Azim Ali (Member)
7 Mr. Zahir Alam (Member)
8 Mr. Nazir Ahmed Khan  (Member)
9 Mr. Sadiq Muhammad (Member)
10 Mr. S. Iqtida Ali (Member)
11 Mr. M. Amin (Member)
12 Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed (Member)
13 Mr. Liaquat (Member)

This Committee, under the Chairmanship of Capt. A Moiz Khan actively performed till 1994 and remained in force for 3 years. Subsequently, during the same year, the Association was licensed and registered with Director of Trade Organization (DTO) Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad, under section 3 of the Trade Organization Ordinance 1961) with the amended name of North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI) and thus it became a fully representative body and simultaneously got affiliated with Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

A special credit goes to the team-mates of Capt. A Moiz Khan who enthusiastically worked for establishing this Association and brought it in operation for betterment of Industrial units of the Industrial Area. Bravo!

The very first elections of the Association were held in 1994 governed by Memorandum & Article of Association approved by the Government of Pakistan. The first Chairman elected was Capt.

A Moiz Khan who continued as Chairman for a period of 3 years from 1994-95 to 1997-98 and the very first Managing Committee elected was as follows:-


1 Capt A. Moiz Khan  (Chairman)
2 Mr. Noor Ahmed Khan (Senior Vice Chairman)
3 Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Malik (Vice Chairman)
4 Mr. Aslam Chughtai (Member)
5 Mr. Sadiq Muhammad (Member)
6 Mr. S. Iqtida Ali  (Member)
7 Mr. S. Azim Ali (Member)
8 Mr. Muhammad Shafi  (Member)
9 Mr. Abdus Salam Sattar  (Member)
10 Mr. Zia Ahmed Khan  (Member)
11 Mr. Ashraf Lodhi (Member)
12 Mr. Faraz Mirza (Member)
13 Lt. Col. (R) Amir Mohd Malik    (Member)

In accordance with the election rules laid down in the Memorandum & Articles of Association 1/3rd of the total strength of Managing Committee Members retired every year and new members elected through democratic process of annual elections.

The Managing Committee members also elected new office bearers comprising Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively amongst themselves.

This process of Annual Elections continued until such time the new Trade Ordinance No. LXX1 of 2007 was promulgated by President of Pakistan and new Trade organizations Rules 2007 dated 7th June 2007 were framed under which fresh Applications were invited for grant of new License.

The Association completed all the formalities successfully and new License No. 28 was granted under section 3(2)d of the Trade organizations Ordinance 2007 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Presently Capt. A. Moiz Khan is the Founder Chairman and Patron-in-Chief of NKATI.

The elected members of Managing Committee for the year 2007-2008 are as follows:

1 Mr. Noor Ahmed Khan (Chairman)
2 Mr. S Iqtida Ali (Senior Vice Chairman)
3 Khurram Rasheed (Vice Chairman)
4 Mr. Faraz Mirza (Member)
5 Mr. M Younus Khamisani  (Member)
6 Mr. M. Aslam Chughtai  (Member)
7 Mr. Muhammad Tariq Murtaza (Member)
8 Mr. Muhammad Aamir Ansari (Member)
9 Mr. Rana Muhammad Yaseen (Member)
10 Mr. Badaruddin Siddiqui  (Member)
11 Mr. Sadiq Muhammad (Member)
12 Mr. Naseem Akhtar  (Member)
13 Syed Tariq Rashid (Member)

Mr. Murtaza Hasan is the Secretary General of the Association.

The elections for the year 2008-2009 shall be held in accordance with Election Rules and procedure as given in Rules 16 to 21 of the Trade Organizations Rules 2007 during the period from1st October to 30th November 2008 and newly elected office bearers shall assume charge of offices w.e.f. 1st December 2008.

Role of Associations

All Industrialist Associations including North Karachi Association have specific infrastructural problems in their respective Industrial Zones and have assumed greater importance and significance in view of WTO regime having been effective from 1st January 2005.


NKATI has been striving hard since its inception in 1974 to improve the infrastructure of the Area to meet the conditionalities  of WTO on self-help basis.

It is now being assisted by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) under Tameer-e-Karachi Programmed. It is doing commendable work for the development and rehabilitation of infrastructure of NKIA which include revamping of sewerage and water systems and construction of roads etc.

Also to facilitate the Industrial sector for the improvement of dilapidated infrastructure through the concept of private public partnership a development management company has come into being with the blessings of President of Pakistan and the Sindh Government which is known as North Karachi Industrial and Development & Management Company (NKI-DMC).

It has been assigned the task of rehabilitating and up grading the existing infrastructure and identifying the projects for future needs in the industrial zone.


The existing Associations are now being governed by the Director General, Trade organizations Islamabad under the new Trade Organizations, Ministry of Commerce Government of Pakistan Islamabad under the new Trade Organizations Ordinance 2007.

It means the working and performance of Industrial Associations would be monitored more closely and there are no chance for any Industrial Association to grant fake or bogus membership to anyone which were common complaints in the past. 

Against this backdrop, the role of our Association has become more prominent and effective and it is now viable and vibrant in the real sense of the term.

The Association’s member organizations are actively engaged in boosting exports and earning substantial foreign exchange for the country.

Although the Association is affiliated with KCCI but it has to play its own distinct and positive role independently.

It directly deals with federal and provisional governments to safeguard the interests of its member organizations and has the authority to authenticate sales tax documents and other related documents to facilitate refund claims and connections of power and gas etc.

It also assists Government Departments, both federal and provincial, in recovering dues of excise, sales tax and all other levies that are outstanding or imposed from time to time.

It promotes, foster, encourage, protect and advance the interest of members engaged in trade, commerce, industries and manufacturing.

Also take up, discuss and make known the views of the Association on questions and matters concerned with or affecting the interests of such members to federal and provincial governments.

The representatives of the Association also hold meetings with the President, Prime Minister, Ministers of federal and provincial governments for the resolution of economic, civic and law and order related problems of the industrialists of the area.  

In a nutshell the Association has a pivotal role in the economic and industrial development of the country and this fact is acknowledged and admitted on all hands.

Types Of Industries

More then 2500 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are operating in NKIA About 90 per cent of them are export oriented units. Major units are:

textile and textile made-ups, leathers, Flour mills, Pharmaceuticals, cardboards, foods and beverages, light engineering, Soap, Dyeing & Bleaching, Ice manufacturing, Chemicals, Packaging, Marbles, Matches, Pottery, Printing etc.

Contribution To National Economy

They are contributing a big share to the national economy by paying duties and taxes apart from earning substantial foreign exchange for the country.

It is on record that several (SMEs) of the Area have won Export Trophies of FPCCI.

This Industrial Area provides employment to thousands of work force of which women living in the adjacent localities form the major part.

The contribution to the national ex-chequer is as follows.

  • Income tax about Rs.3.5 billion per annum

  • Duties and Taxes about Rs.5.5 billion per annum

  • Total taxes about 9 billion per annum

The Association provides a collective platform to voice the grievances and bring into focus the problems faced by the industrialists of the Area for resolution by the concerned authorities. It also tries to secure to them from the authorities concerned all amenities, particularly in relation to:


(a).      Regular and adequate supply of water, electricity and gas. 

(b).      Proper and adequate arrangements for transport of employees and /or labourers having their place of work in North Karachi and in particular those employed by the members of the Association. 

(c).       Proper and adequate means of sanitation, drains, sewers and disposals of effluent.  

(d).      Proper and adequate measures for safely and security and policing of North Karachi. 

(e).      Establishment of posts & telegraphs and telephone service sufficient for the needs of the members of the Association.


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